compulsive dieting recovery

Compulsive dieting is exhausting and defeating.

Compulsive dieting is exhausting and defeating.

What’s worse? It often leads to reactive weight gain that is probably about 20% higher than when you started this all-too-familiar (and all-too-destructive) diet-binge cycle.

compulsive dieting fatigue & recovery

Why does this happen?

Well, we know that obesity is a diagnosable and complex disease involving genetic predisposition, based on a hormonal and metabolic profile that is likely inherited. Not everybody is genetically predisposed to obesity or diabetes, but when we are born with the genetic and hormonal factors that will likely result in obesity, it is a chronic and powerful syndrome that we can’t defeat.

We can’t defeat it with intermittent fasting, or Keto, or Paleo, or any of the dozens of weight loss programs that are advertised incessantly on TV, or even with the reasonable and healthy Mediterranean diet.

No, we can’t defeat it. But we CAN treat it.

Our shame-free approach to chronic dieting fatigue recovery includes:

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT)

An evidence-based, individualized nutrition process meant to help treat certain medical conditions, such as chronic obesity, pre-diabetes, and vitamin deficiencies.

Medication-Assisted Evidence-Based Treatment Protocols

There are medications that specifically interrupt the causes and effects of metabolic dysregulation, so that an individual predisposed to obesity can lose weight once and for all.

Education & Empowerment

Alexis RD, along with a team of top obesity physicians, will introduce you to her unique approach to obesity management. You will learn—perhaps for the first time—how to manage your weight, without deprivation.

Imagine life where you feel moderate hunger and reasonable satiety—without deprivation.

Imagine life where you feel moderate hunger and reasonable satiety—without deprivation.

Imagine being able to stop eating because you are fully satiated, leading to a caloric intake that supports weight loss, and ultimately lead to sustainable weight management.

Let Alexis RD gently guide you off the dieting merry-go-round and join you on solid ground.


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