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NutritionRx takes a unique curated approach to eating and weight management

NutritionRx takes a unique curated approach to eating and weight management

1: Assessment

We will carefully assess your particular metabolic, emotional, and physiological challenges. Every body is unique and requires a unique treatment plan.

our dietitians will curate a personalized nutrition plan

2: Curation

Alexis will develop your unique personal nutrition prescription (NRx) to specifically address your unique challenges, complications, lifestyle, and obstacles in order to finally achieve the outcome you need and deserve.

medical nutrition therapy with alexis beck

3: Treatment

Working privately and individually with Clinical Nutritionist Alexis Beck, MPH, RD, LDN, your treatment will include a powerful combination of Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) & Ego State Based Therapy (TA).

medical nutrition therapy with alexis beck

4: A Redefined Relationship

We all have relationships with family, friends, colleagues, etc. Some of these relationships are healthy; others are not. We want your relationship with food to be healthy, functional, loving & productive.

Clinical Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian Alexis Beck offers you a clinically-proven, innovative and personally curated  “NutritionRx” to help you get to the heart of the matter.


Weight Management is Not Impossible...

…even though we totally know it often feels that way


Medication-Assisted Weight Loss Has Changed the Game

NutritionRx partners with Boston’s top three obesity physicians.


Eliminate Stress, Deprivation, & Shame

Stop the vicious cycle with a clinically-proven approach to lasting weight loss, and redefining your relationship with food and eating.


A Clinically-Advanced Approach to Weight Management

NutritionRx will curate a 100% personalized approach based on your unique weight loss needs.

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