Pat's Transformation


As a returning patient to NutritionRx, Pat was determined to once again lose weight in order to return to a healthy lifestyle. This time was different though, she also was resolved on keeping the weight off and finding a balanced way of eating that would suit her lifestyle. Pat’s success has been tremendous. Not only is she down 55 lbs. in 8 months, but she has finally arrived at a healthy mindset to keep the weight off for life. Pat has come a long way and we are so proud to be working with her on this journey for a healthy way of living.


Twin Sisters Success Story


I've struggled all my life with eating and weight issues, gaining and then losing more than 500 lbs in a lifetime of yo-yo dieting. So I came to Nutrition and Diet Counseling Associates knowing how to lose weight. The problem was that I would always find it again. Working with Alexis Beck has helped me solve that problem. She helped me break down false, self-limiting ideas about eating I'd been carrying around all my life. I lost the weight I wanted to lose but in a new, gentle way that turned weight loss into a journey towards a deeper understanding of myself and my relationship with food. Along the way I acquired new analytical tools and ways of looking at the inner dynamics of eating that I believe will help me for the rest of my life. I used to be convinced that there was no solution to my problems with eating. Alexis Beck, a veteran nutritionist, counselor and truly one-of-a-kind person has shown me otherwise. -- NutritionRx™ Client

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