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Founder / Managing Partner, Clinical Nutritionist




At NutritionRx we offer evidence-based and clinically superb treatment and services. We are a collective of compassionate, experienced registered dietitians committed to helping individuals, families and public/private schools throughout the Boston, Brookline and Cambridge communities achieve optimum health and wellness. Nutrition is an essential component of a healthy and balanced lifestyle and food should be free of toxins and eating free of toxic thinking.

All of the dietitians at NutritionRx have advanced degrees in clinical nutrition and are credentialed through the American Dietetic Association and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We have worked in a wide range of clinical areas allowing us to provide the best quality of service across multiple specialties.

Our dietitians personalize prescriptions to a client's special needs, lifestyle and philosophy. Through a compassionate, creative and thoughtful approach, NutritionRx provides a supportive environment for change.




NutritionRx™ has been helping men, women, children, and adolescents immersed in problematic eating syndromes since 1985. From supporting patients through the weight loss process to helping patients prevent and cope with disease through the weight loss process to helping patients prevent and cope with disease through better nutrition, to providing a patient with the skills he or she needs to overcome an eating disorder and establish a healthy relationship with food, we are here to help.





Are you caught up in a whirlwind of diet fads, food temptation, nutritional claims, and social pressures? Are you eating too much, too little, too fat, too salty, too artificial?


NutritionRx™, Inc., is a clinical practice specializing in eating management, weight management, and diet-related disease prevention.


The fact is there may not be any one "right" way to eat. Each of us is unique. And for each of us to develop a healthy eating style, every case must be examined on its own...individually...and professionally.


NutritionRx™ isn't a diet club or commercial weight loss center. We are not pushing powdered meals, milkshakes, or the pill-of-the-week. We are not here to judge you, starve you, fool you, or make you feel guilty.


At NutritionRx™ you will work with a clinical nutritionist who listens to you and responds to your lifestyle - a professional who will help you develop a non-derivational eating style that you can live with.


Whether a patient is referred by a physician, psychologist, or medical institution, or comes to us directly, our first step is to analyze his or her present status and condition. We offer complete nutritional work-ups for adults, children, and adolescents. The confidential initial evaluation incurs no obligation to continue treatment.


Take a look around our website and give us a call to today to make a lasting change in your life.



We have your personal NutritionRx.

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